Waiting for B-Day

Little Ollie is still sitting cozy in the womb a week past his due date, so we have been busy filling the time. Esther and baby are happy and healthy. We are just getting restless waiting to meet our son. Here are some of the things we’ve been doing!

Trips to the zoo! (I stubbed my toe real bad so I needed a walking stick…)

Floating sausages!


Gasworks Park!

Procuring all the tasty things Esther hasn’t eaten for 9 months!

Midwife appointments and fetal monitoring.Walks.

And seeing if we can make Ollie jealous and want to get out of there!

Baby Shower Fun!

On Sunday, March 24th, we had a great time with friends and family celebrating Oliver’s Pre-Birthday at the Woodland Park Zoo! Special thanks to everyone who came out and thank you all for the kind gifts to help little Ollie get a great start to life!

Cama Beach

The weather was too nice to be couch fiends, so we went to Cama Beach State Park. Enjoyed a peaceful walk on the beach and found some sweet sticks.

Babymoon Victoria Trip Day 3

Massage day! We woke up in our big bed and had a big breakfast. After lounging around we eventually ventured out to find pizza. An annoying seagull wouldn’t leave us alone while we ate in the park. To get back to the other side of the bay we rode a water taxi! We then had a fantastic massage and ate Thai food (Tim’s appetizer consisted of a spring roll and shrimp with his Caesar beverage). We finished up the day by watching movies in bed. A very fine day!

Babymoon Victoria Trip Day 2

We woke up in Victoria and had a very nice breakfast at the hotel. We then went to Miniature World! So many big little scenes and the world’s smallest operating lumber mill! We then had really good seafood on the waterfront and took a nap. The evening finished up with a fantastic meal at Olo in Chinatown. We then finished the day by watching Office Space on a small screen, because that’s a thing we do in hotel rooms.

Babymoon Victoria Trip Day 1

We took a few days off work to head up to Victoria, B.C. for our Babymoon! The Victoria Clipper left Seattle in the morning on a beautiful sunny day. It was smooth sailing all the way to our destination. We’ve been met with warm welcomes, pretty sites, and found some great food too! Take a look at our pictures to take part in our first day adventures!

Oliver’s 2nd Ultrasound

It’s crazy what 3D imaging can do with ultrasounds!

Here is a video of his face… a bit on the creepy side honestly. 😛
So this is a recording of his heart beating and he hiccups part way through! ❤ ❤ ❤