Oliver’s Pictures (5/18/2021) - Check out this page for the latest in baby Oliver's pictures!
The Getaway 2020 (12/11/2020) - We had to get out of the city and breath that fresh ocean air and thanks to Colleen and Steven we got to do it on the cheap! We stayed at Iron Springs Resort in Copalis, WA for 6 days and can’t wait to go back!
Camping 2020 (8/31/2020) - Ollie’s first camping trip! Bedal Campground in the shadow of Mt. Forgotten and lots of trees.
Summer Trip 2020 (7/6/2020) - We had to get out of the city for a bit and took a trip to visit family in northern California. We took as rural a route as we could with a stop in Pacific City, Oregon. Pacific City, Oregon Klamath River, California
First (Recorded) Steps! (4/7/2020) - Ollie has been attempting to walk for the past three weeks or so and we finally got some steps on video!
Holidays 2019 (12/29/2019) -
Couch Side Table (11/29/2019) - Sick of leaning over to pick up your drink? Time to make a couch side table! Two 2x4s, a 1×12, and some tools. What you do when you don’t have clamps and only know how to make butt joints. Using blocks actually worked pretty well, butt joints on the other hand.. I sanded and finishedContinue reading "Couch Side Table"
Baby Gate #1 (11/9/2019) - So you’ve had a baby. Congratulations! At first they mostly just lay there. Maybe an occasional roll over, perhaps a scoot. But overall they have very manageable mobility, usually contained in a few pillows.. But then the crawling gets a little stronger. They learn to move with more propose. And one day, after a fewContinue reading "Baby Gate #1"
Baby Oliver Photo Shoot (6/21/2019) - 6/8/2019 Two weekends ago Colleen (Aunty Caca) and Steven (Uncle Poopoo) came over to take some photographs with Esther, Kalyan, and Baby Ollie! Below is a selection of some of our favorites. Wilderness boy. Mothers Just too cute. photography by: http://www.patticakesphotography.com
Happy Birthday! (5/22/2019) - Oliver William English. Born 5/20/2019 at 12:29 am. 7 lb 8.5 oz. 21.25″. 137% pure lovie shnugglar awesomeness.